Banking groups lobby Congress to enable banking services for cannabis companies

Trade groups believe it’s high time to push for legislation that would make life easier for the budding cannabis industry. The SAFE Banking Act, which would enable banks and credit unions to do business with cannabis-related businesses in states where marijuana is legal, is poised to pass the House after overwhelmingly advancing through the House […]

Can Cannabis Companies Use RegCF?

In recent years, public perception of cannabis is gaining positive momentum. As of April 2021, 35 states have made medical marijuana legal , with 18 of them legalizing it recreationally. This growth has been tremendous, raising the industry’s value to over $13 billion and directly supporting 340,000 jobs. Additionally, 91% of Americans believe that regulators […]

8 Simple Steps to End Cannabis Prohibition Immediately

Right now, the federal government is calling on its citizens to provide commentary regarding the announcement to move cannabis from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III substance. While the industry anxiously awaits direction on what happens next, it has stirred quite a debate on the professional side of the industry. As a journalist, […]